October 7th, 2005

Ho! To Conclave!

Just about to head across town for Conclave!

My weekend will involve swordfighting (well, actually, fighting people armed with swords with my axe, but anyway), and running Revel 'Til Dawn, which involves staying up all night, which is always fun.

Sunday, October 23: Eat Tasty Food at Tracy's!

Come join me and a good-sized group of other people as we move my belongings from Howell to East Lansing!

In return for your labor, you will receive large amounts of truly tasty home-made food and a really quite nice post-move hanging out event. If y'all're really nice, and we hang out long enough to need a second meal, I might take y'all on an expedition to the Traveler's Club and Tuba Museum. (: