October 14th, 2005

Some of the benefit begins. (Thank god.)

I got up for my 8:30 class at 7:50 a.m. this morning. *Quite* an improvement.

Been a day filled with surprises, some good, some not so good. I have an interview tomorrow morning for a department aide position in the Sociology Department.

Well, that went well.

I just had an interview for a department aide position in the Sociology Department at MSU. Recognized the person I was talking to from back in the mists of time when I was a computer lab assistant for Sociology. Interview went well, though I am taking nothing for granted. One true virtue, though: they're looking to make a decision by the end of day today, so I'll know one way or another in short order. (:
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    Tentatively optimistic

Fairly productive day.

Completed the following:

* interview
* update address, P.O.
* update address, secretary of state (I found them, Doug)
* update address and order new card, Social Security office
* reactive membership in local gym
* acquired application at local dry cleaners for roommate

Now going to:

* view two remaining lectures in my hematology backlog
* either start on my physiology lecture backlog or hang up clothes

I hope I get the job with the sociology folks. The location is good, the personalities look good, I'll be able to be useful but the work won't be too taxing. If it falls through, okay. But it would be nice.

I'm employed again. (:

The Department of Sociology has hired me for 20 hours a week. Not as good as the physiology tutoring job would have been, but I think it should work out pretty well, nonetheless. (:

The wages of exhaustion...

...are, in this case for me, a much improved financial picture.

The replacement job pays me more per hour than Uptown, but gives me fewer hours with no tips. Assume a small loss, but probably less than $100 a month.

Difference in rent and utilities from the move: $290 less per month.
Decrease in gasoline consumption: approximately $100 a month.

I still need to gap cover for not being within my budget for the past two months, but I've applied for an auxiliary student loan which should, hopefully, cover that. Gods willing and the creeks don't rise. Then I should be in the black, I think.

Right. I didn't do this because I was stupid. I did it because it made a whole lot of sense. Good.

Does anyone have an old phone...

...and/or answering machine sitting on a shelf gathering dust? I had to get a phone line in order to get DSL, and no longer own a (non-cell) phone. I know it would be useful for Doug and Ariel to have a local number with an answering machine, so I thought I'd troll.

Small joys.

I mentioned in passing that I'd reactivated my membership in the local fitness center. Joy of joys, this gives me access to a hot tub, a wet and a dry sauna, and a very small pool.

Actually, I might dig up my bathing suit and run over there for a half hour later this evening. I could use a good soak.