October 21st, 2005

Thank you...

...to all of you who will be helping with my move on Sunday. Not too much furniture left, and so far about a dozen people who've said they'll be out to help, so no one person should have to strain themselves too badly. I may actually deputize someone to head out to the new place early and do food prep.

I am *not* renting a truck, so we're going to be loading this all into personal vehicles. So those of you with vans and station wagons, any space you can spare for carrying boxes would be greatly appreciated.

I will have bottled water and Faygo cola onsite at Howell. I might also have coffee and a breakfast quiche of some kind (though don't hold your breath, I'm afraid). (Kroger had a sale which made it cheaper to buy 18 eggs than 12. WTF?)

Move crew breakfast with added bonus...

There will be quiche; it is in the oven now. The move crew will even get the added bonus (for those inclined) of being the first to try an experimental food - currently tagged as apple pie quiche.

If it sounds too weird not to try, come help me move. (:

EDIT: note to self, used 2/3 of a cup on brown sugar. Ask taste testers if too sweet or not sweet enough.