October 24th, 2005


There has doubtless been a time in your life when you were considering doing something, something you knew would be helpful or kind, but you didn't feel like your contribution was particularly large, or that it would be really noticeable, so you didn't do it.
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My specific thanks to kneesroverrated, for packing and job bossing above and beyond the call; her roommate for personal labor and use of the BFT; to garygarth for his van, sense of humor, and personal participation; paltergo for the loan of her husband and van; phecda and blue_duck for emergency assistance above and beyond the call; and to Bill Su and his wife Mary, and Drew. If I left anyone out, I profoundly apologize, I'm still pretty crispy.

I have to go back on Tuesday to a) move the bookcases, and b) clean the apartment so the new people can move in.

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If you've got my cellphone number, could you call me? The phone's turned up missing, and in a post-move apartment, could be out of sight for days...

And, on an annoying note, I won't be going to sword class, because I'm now having a minor back spasm. You know the one where you can't quite straighten up all the way, and taking a step quickly makes you really nervous? Yeah, that one. I'm going to hydrate a lot, rummage around and find whatever pain relievers I have that are reputed to have a muscle relaxant component, and possibly curl up in the tub for a while.