October 26th, 2005

Move: complete.

Thanks to dawnwolf for cleaning above and beyond the call, kneesroverrated and her roommate for the Big Damn Truck, and roommates cat_paw and schometortoise for helping schlep things from the vehicles upstairs into the apartment.

I have bookcases. They begin to have books on them. I've done enough excavation to make sure we can still access the kitchen, the internet, and the comfy furniture. There is much chaos, but there is much hope. And there are books. I don't think I realized what a bad sign it was that in the last apartment, I had only unpacked about half of my books.

This morning, I drove out to Howell to meet with my subletters and have them sign the lease agreement. They didn't understand that I would need their rent payment today (?!). They thought, since there was not security deposit, that there would be no upfront payment. I've yet to determine if this was a tactical application of the Young and DumbTM card, or whether it was a true application of youth and inexperience.

I'm hoping category II. I've got to work with these folks for the next five months, and I'm hoping they don't prove a brain hemorrhage in progress.

Mild TMI.

I lust after my anatomy instructor and his sexy, sexy brains. He looks kind of dorky, and I find I don't care at all. Brains. Mmmmmmmmmm.*

It is good to be a geek slut in a geek-rich environment. Brains. *happysigh*

*Don't worry, I have ethics. No asking him out or flirting with him until after my grade for the semester has been filed. (: