October 30th, 2005

Halloween party update.

A few notes.

1. I've had two showers so far, and still have flour and water paste in my hair. I'm pretty sure third time's the charm. (:

2. It was a new experience to have part of my costume eaten.

3. I have a little bit more data on what alcohol does for me. Drinking does have a mild effect on me mentally, and a bit more physically. But the vast majority of my behavior editor stayed up. I let the filter on "sincere and complimentary statements" go, and I let a few of the anti-sensual filters take the night off. But the changes to my behavior definitely seemed harmless. And balancing the alcohol with water and protein resulted in no ill feeling today at all.

4. Whatever it is that I do that causes me to intimidate/overwhelm/hold off attractive men does not seem to have any effect whatsoever on women. I'm glad *some* class of people is immune. Though it does make the whole "give up on men and date only women" option look a hell of a lot more attractive. If I hadn't had the "I'd rather have children someday, given the choice" epiphany, it would be even more compelling. (Yes, I know.)

Had a number 5, but it isn't directly related to the party, and I think needs a thread of its own. Hope y'all all had fun, wherever you were this weekend. (: