November 2nd, 2005

Calmer weather.

Just so people know, I posted in the middle of the epiphany. I'm returning to the space of balance and humor, just with a little more self-wisdom under my belt. (:

I don't remember if I mentioned that I made another experimental quiche this weekend: maple (turkey) bacon quiche. It was so good that it didn't make it to the gathering I had created it for. And I find I want more of it. Protein-based salty sweet tasty goodness. Mmmm.

Random acts of kindness.

One of my classmates in my anatomy lab had noticed that my backpack is well on its way to completely ripping out a side seam. She, with both thoughtfulness and finesse, asked me if I could use a replacement, because she had one in her trunk if I did.

It's a good condition, apparently new backpack with a retractable handle. I haven't used it yet, but I suspect it will be a very good replacement for the one I have.

Unexpected, unsolicited, simple kindness. That was nice.

Plans for next semester.

So it looks like the courses for next semester will be:


Physiology - second of a two semester sequence


Microbiology lab
Organic chemistry

I wish I could get financial aid for two schools simultaneously. I'll be more than half time for both. Unfortunately, I need to take the micro lab and the o chem LCC, because all sections are full at MSU, and MSU doesn't *have* a phlebotomy course.

Shifting priorities.

My original plan was to take part of this evening to cut a couple of hours off my hematology lecture backlog. Didn't happen.

However, on the flip side, the box pile from the middle of the living has been sorted, split, and relocated, with book boxes near the bookcases, and bedroom, office and miscellany boxes in my bedroom.

Despite the influx of boxes into my bedroom, a bit of box reorganization has made it slightly easier for me to get to the bed.

I'm in the process of having a really awkward e-conversation with a friend of mine. Which is probably why I'm doing cleaning-type tasks rather than studying. I may have done something bad for my social group, but by god, I can see across the living room. *pallidgrin*