November 6th, 2005

Realization and small rejoicing.

Yesterday was commencement for my martial arts school. Collapse )

This time, I spent more time fighting than not fighting, and actually had enough energy during the fight to perform relatively well. I truly am getting better, not only from the cancer aftermath, but overall. I may well now be more healthy than I was before the surgery.

I am so overjoyed that the cancer came during a time when I had an active physical practice. If I hadn't had a conditioning regimen in place, I would not have weathered this with anything resembling the speed of recovery and confidence with which I have.

To all of you who are not naturals at learning physical skills, and not good at doing things you're not good at: Collapse )

Go, me!

I'm now caught up on lecture for all my classes. So now I have to a) keep caught up, and b) get caught up on my reading for the classes, especially the one with the exam on Tuesday.

Slowly but sure, I am climbing my way back on top of things. (: