November 8th, 2005

Possible regular event: Tuesdays at Chez DougArielTracy.

I have spoken to several of you in passing about the fact that I was thinking about creating a regular hanging out event on early Tuesday evenings at my new place in East Lansing. (I'll be occasionally abandoning you mid-evening to run out to Ann Arbor for a late evening event.)

I am thinking there will probably be some sort of inexpensive communal food early in the evening. Some nights will probably be just hanging out; some board games; some "other", hard to predict in this crowd.

For those of you who are local:

1. Do you think you're likely to attend occasionally? Frequently? Never?
2. Do you have a preference on start time?
3. Should I start this evening?

For those of you who are farther away:

1. Do you think you'd come occasionally?
2. Would knowing what the food and/or activity is likely to be influence your choice?

More things accomplished.

This afternoon, I:

* scheduled an appointment with one of the kinesiology advisors
* sent a resume off to one of the nursing faculty with an active research program
(I'm learning from watching tanac, it's time to start planning for grad school *now*)
* completed an application for three jobs at the student health center that pay more than $12 an hour and
are right in my area of experience

Took an exam earlier today. Just got the score back, and I've got ten questions, in sequence, that I got wrong. I really, really doubt that's accurate. Must go send email to the instructor. Then to my physiology lecture. Then to see if anyone decides to show up for this evening.

I think tonight's food is going to be waffles. (Sorry, no time for fancy; they're the toaster kind. But the maple syrup is the real stuff.)