November 10th, 2005

Decent day.

The car started. Morning class went well. Work has been uneventful.

The rest of my day will be:

* going to HR, taking typing test, dropping off application.
* going to LCC and convincing them to let me into OChem lab and Microbiology labs
* taking Quinn to the new vet - she's almost out of medication, *and* she's losing weight again.
* viewing Wednesday's hematology lecture

Then, sword class. All in all, a decent day.


Applied for three jobs. Got four out of five of the classes I needed from the people at LCC. And successfully introduced Quinn, my cat, to her new vet.

Who told me that there's he can do thyroid removal surgery on her for less than the radioactive iodine treatment. Not a whole lot less, mind you. But most of the things that made me twitchy about the RAI treatment don't apply to a simple surgical removal.

I pay about $65 a month in medications for her. If she lives 11 more months after the surgery, I break even. And I won't need to medicate her every 12 hours, which makes my schedule *much* more flexible.