November 11th, 2005

Art History question.

Can anyone explain to me why Andy Warhol is one of the names to know in art history? The few pieces of his I've seen have left me completely cold; I'm wondering if I'm either missing the good stuff, missing crucial context, am just a philistine, or no one else knows why he's famous, either.

New phone.

Looks like it shouldn't be too difficult to get Verizon to send me a new phone. *Very* glad I currently have a phone attached to the land line, though.

Phone problem was not a problem with the phone.

It was a problem with the outlet the charger was plugged into. I had actually switched outlets, but apparently I *hadn't* switched circuits in doing so. *sigh*

However, one more issue resolved.

Now, tonight and this weekend, I need to catch up on hematology and physiology, write my human development paper (two pager, 200-level undergrad course), and begin to comparison shop MRI centers (for lj user=kneesroverrated> and veterinarians (for Quinn).

I also have a PenguiCon board meeting on Sunday.