November 14th, 2005

Very mixed day.

On the plus side, was fed homemade cookies by a coworker; and the discovery that, with a valet to help with the zipper, I can now fit into a Hot Topic extra large top.

On the down side, the car is hemorrhaging oil in a way which looks expensive; and I did badly on an online quiz because I was upset enough to forget I had to take it by 5 p.m., and only remembered it at about 4:40, with a ten minute drive to get home to the internet.

A little more gah than yay, I think. Particularly since this means, until I get the oil leak looked at, I'm probably not driving my car notably far out of the East Lansing area.

Possible temporary personal shutdown.

Just giving people the heads up. Between the car trouble and things financial, I'm very close to the point where I'm just going to go hide for a while. If you feel inclined not to let me, that's fine. But if I drop out of sight for a few days, it isn't personal. I'm just *way* overwhelmed.

Don't worry, "go hide" does not exclude doing all appropriate class and work-related things. It just might mean I might not be doing anything else.

Or not.

I'm still hoping I can head this off by hitting a few carefully placed morale buttons to keep everything moving forward normally.

Morale boosts like the size 36 pants that, while they fit like they were sprayed on, I just successfully put on.

Time to go read an article and right a good quality analysis. Hit the "competence" button, with any luck.