November 16th, 2005

First snow! First snow! First snow! Yay!

I just saw the first snow falling of the year!

If you're a winter hater, well, you're entitled. But I get to take joy where I will, and I'm going to enjoy this for at least the first month or two.

Don't worry, I'll likely be as dour and cranky as the rest of you by February. (:

Sony Boycott

Courtesy of nicegeek:

"For those who haven't heard, there's a boycott of Sony underway.

The reason for the boycott is that Sony finally went too far in their efforts to lock down their music. They've started putting what amounts to a trojan horse on many of their CDs. If you play them on a computer, it installs a program that usurps control of it, so that it won't let you try to copy any of those CDs. It also contacts Sony, allowing them to know every time the CD is played, and giving them your computer's address. The program stays around afterward; there's no uninstall method on the CD. And if that's not enough, the program hides itself from anti-virus software, creating a back door that other viruses have used to hide as well.

Sony has since recalled the disks, but they are unapologetic about their tactics, and their efforts to control what people can do with their music after buying it. I believe that only a coordinated consumer backlash will convince them that this is an unwelcome intrusion, and get them to change their tune.

The petition is at"

Just FYI, for those of you who might care. I have, however, signed the petition.

Small happy dance.

Not including my fabulous move crew, we have now had six guests over to the temporarily dubbed CritterHouse. And that's in about a month, and a busy one at that.

Social critical mass begins, I hope.