November 17th, 2005

Stress relief.

Sometimes, the best way for me to relieve stress is to do something aerobic. This week has had a lot of things which have pushed my fight-or-flight buttons where neither response was appropriate. It was good to go to the gym last night and sweat some of that chemistry away.

Everything is more or less on track right now, though I wish I were further into studying for my hematology exam tomorrow. Have decided I'm going to buy several quarts of oil and go out to sword class tonight. I haven't done the assessment to know if it is necessary, but better safe than sorry. I've had vehicles where I had to put in a quart of oil every 30 miles before; there is no reason to let that bring my entire life to a screeching halt.

So I have had a habit in the past...

...of living in homes with names. Some were of my naming; some weren't. Continuum. Haven. Sanctuary. Norway. Hickory House. I fell out of the habit in the last several ones, and I want to reclaim it.

So, since schometortoise, cat_paw and I all share a household, I need a name which either is not particularly specific to any one of us, or which speaks a little to each of us.

So far, the two best ones I'm coming up with are Sweden and CritterHouse. I'm not highly geeked about either, but they might grow on me.

However, input could be entertaining. Suggestions, anyone?