November 18th, 2005

This morning.

Feeling relatively good about my hematology exam. Not so good I'm doomed to failure, but not particularly panicky, either. Got up early enough to actually eat breakfast before the exam. Had to short myself on sleep to do it, but the sleep dep I'll pay for tomorrow, and I don't have an exam tomorrow.

I discovered this morning that the motor oil faeries had visited during the night. I wish to acknowledge the wonder of the presence of faerie magic in such tangible form. (:

Anyway, the professor opens the exams early, so I'm going to pack up and head on over there. While my head is pretty calm about the exam, my gut is still a little unhappy about the whole thing, and the sooner done, the sooner mended. (:

Hope you folks all have an outstanding day, and an excellent weekend.

Pleased in a slightly odd way.

So I took my hematology test. For the first time this semester, I think, it took me almost all the time allotted for an exam to take it. While I'm pretty confident of my answers, and I got everything done, it wasn't in any way a breeze.

And I'm happier than I have been about any exam thus far.