November 22nd, 2005

Thanksgiving prep.

cat_paw and schometortoise are hosting Thanksgiving at our place on Thursday. (Think you might want to come? Let me know and I can check with Her Cat_Paw-ness, who is the Event Queen.)

However, this, for me, means at least some minimal cleaning. As well as can be done in the apartment's current box enhanced state.

Dishwasher: running.
Vacuum: going to find all the pieces and clean what carpet I can get to.
Main bathroom: catbox patrol.

Once I finish my quick cleaning break, I need to go academic again, and:

* revise my urinalysis assignment
* view Monday's urinalysis lecture

Then, at 6 p.m., leave for Livonia and the PenguiCon hotel walkthrough, so the programming team can kick in the afterburners and move from the random idea phase to the planning and making things happen phase. Wish we hadn't had to do the great hotel switch - we'd be *much* farther along with all this if the Sheraton hadn't lost their mind.