November 23rd, 2005

Urinalysis is so cool!

There's a type of test strip called Multistix where they can take a standard urine sample and test for ten different things at once. Literally. You've got ten different chemical reactions which occur, all remarkably elegant in their effectiveness, and it tells you things about not only your urinary health, but your metabolic state as well.

I may do a detailed write up this weekend as part of my study process. Several of you are just the type of geeks to appreciate finding out just how much information about your health can be found in your urine. (:

I'll try to remember to put it behind a cut, so any of you who are both squeamish and avoidant of discussions of body fluids can dodge the topics. (:

Classes for next semester.

I was really geeked about taking the class on physiology of the exercising body, from the kinesiology department. But today I signed up for advanced hematology and urinalysis instead. Why?

1. I already own the textbooks for it; it is a continuation of MT 324.
2. It will take the physiologic background I got this semester and hang a whole bunch of diagnoses off it - extremely helpful when I take pathophysiology and pharmacology.
3. Kinesiology's time slot made the rest of my schedule awkward.

I'm frustrated by the fact that I can't take both this semester. However, while I'm aggravated by needing to make the choice, I'm not unhappy with the choice I'm making.

This semester's lineup:

Introductory Organic Chemisty (with lab)
Introductory Microbiology (with lab)
Principles of Human Nutrition
Human Physiology II
Advanced Hematology, Coagulation and Urinalysis
Great Lakes Indians
Collegiate Choir

Yes, I know it is a tough schedule. Don't even try to tell me I should drop anything. The first four classes are required for my nursing prerequisities. The last three are required to get my MSU credits to the minimum required for me to get my full level of financial aid.

And I know I'm the useful kind of insane, because I'm *far* more excited by the above than intimidated.

I'm a freak. (:

But I'm going into the right line of work.

I want to buy Multistix test strips and run urinalysis results of myself and every sick friend I can find. I particularly want to see results for diabetes, UTI, and high blood pressure.

Ah, well. I'll doubtless get my chances after I graduate. (: