November 28th, 2005

Fairly pleased with life overall.

A few good notes:

* I emptied a lot of boxes in preparation for cat_paw's Thanksgiving event.

* I began weight training on Friday, which has left my arms quite sore, but in the muscle fatigue way, not the injury way.

* Classes are still going relatively well.

* The leadership class I'm taking looks like it going to be astoundingly useful.

* Despite my fears, my subletters have a rent check ready for me that I'll be picking up this evening.

* cat_paw and schometortoise have made it through the first month of living together fairly smoothly, despite all three of us having from fairly to pretty damn rough semesters.

On the down side, my car has started stalling at random, sometimes in the midst of driving, which could prove a serious problem. But most other parts of my life are going well.