November 29th, 2005


I may have to take a semester off due to financial issues. I am highly displeased about this, but it won't stop the nursing school plan, simply set it back by about six months.

Film in five to six days.


It's Tuesday! Come over and hang out! There will be cheesecake. And turkey. And garlic mashed potatoes. And nifty people.

That was mildly odd.

Someone rang my doorbell a bit back, but by the time I got downstairs, there was no one in sight. We're around the back of the building. Invisible Jehovah's Witnesses? Someone who came for Tuesday night and changed their mind? Aliens (because that's always a backup answer)?

Must remember.

I keep forgetting about bodywork.

I did a session tonight, and was reminded of several things. I'm unusually good at this. Doubtless not the best on the planet, but probably a fair bit better than average, and for the people I'm a good match for, well, I'm a very good match.

And, while bodywork can sometimes be mildly hard on my joints, the overall biochemical effects are astoundingly helpful, stress puppy that I am. An hour's worth of concentrated parasympathetic activation is *helpful*.