November 30th, 2005

WinterHolidayofChoice (WHoC) Nonaggression Treaty, anyone?

I have a tradition with some of my friends during the holiday gift-giving season: we have a nonaggression treaty.

What this means is, we agree that I'm not going to buy them a gift, and they aren't going to buy me one. Since I am almost perpetually poor, as are many of my friends, this allows us to trim our gift-giving list a bit without hurting anyone's feelings. It isn't that I don't enjoy getting gifts; it is just that I have a hard time having peace with my financially-induced lack of ability to reciprocate.

Gifts of food, baked goods, and generally positive mien are exempted from the treaty.

If you think I might consider getting you a gift and want to offer me a treaty, let me know. (:

Bets, anyone?

I've got a tire which flaps as I drive, I'm parked in a "reserved parking - we can tow you if we want" zone, I'm in line to see a professor I *must* speak with and thus cannot just leave, and have to go from here to an exam at LCC. The testing center closes at 5 p.m.

Anyone want to start a betting pool on my odds of another mid-level personal disaster today? I should note for the record that yesterday I got not one but *two* parking tickets.


So far, so good.

Didn't get towed or ticketed. Tire still had air in it when last I saw it. Exam is done, and probably went well.

Now I just have to make it through lab and then see whether the tire need reinflation (or changing) to get home. In the grand scheme of stressors, pretty trivial.