December 3rd, 2005

Hmm. Kind of random.

Random notes from relatively recent history.

Courtesy of the kindness of one of my friends who bought my ticket, I got to see Heywood Banks, the "Yeah, Toast!" guy, in concert about a week ago. He did mostly standup and a bit of music. The company was excellent, and I had quite a bit of fun. Do wish I had money to buy CDs, I would be playing them for lots of people. (:

The oil problem is being addressed at a symptom level, not a systems level. But the tire is fixed, so I don't feel tethered to East Lansing at the moment. Yay.

Just finished re-reading Steve Perry's _Trinity Vector_. It's a good read. I'm also reading _Deepness in the Sky_ by Vernor Vinge, due to a kind loan from Andy, who is part of the Tios crowd.

I have part-time employment for break, which is quite a relief, though I should probably see about acquiring more.

I think Quinn, my cat, is putting some weight back on again. Very yay, she was a very fluffy stick figure.

We were having a refrigerator seal problem, seemed fairly trivial. The maintenance guys came in and declared they would order us a new fridge. Who am I to question largesse from on high? I'm hoping the design gives more interior space, we've got groceries for three in here.

Need to work out a few particularly difficult issues with the roommates today. Really pretty worried. Hope it goes well for all involved.

More worried about covering the financial gap for the semester than I'm letting myself look at most hours of most days. A six course, 20 credit semester, I can do. But part of my financial aid is work study...