December 5th, 2005

Car Saga IX

Saturday evening, I took a 1.25 hour drive which took three hours. Mostly due to road conditions. Partly due to the car stalling out on the highway just after I missed my exit. And partly due to the detour caused by missing my exit. It was a particularly uncomfortable 3 hour drive, since the blower motor on my heating system died sometime during the trip.

I. Don't. Need. This. Right Now.

And, to be clear to any Powers That Be that read my Livejournal, I mean I don't need the *stress*. I *do* need the car.

However, also on a good note... handwritten list of programming ideas for PenguiCon is going well, and preliminary random surveys of people about whether the ideas are interesting seems to indicate that I'm not actually on crack in thinking they'd be fun. (:

Yes, I know, Matt: I'll strive to get them up on the wiki soon. (:

I'm sure I'll get a wrap on it pretty quickly.

But just want to admit in public that my brain is pretty knotted up right now, and not in a particularly good way. So if I'm quiet or inward-turned, don't take it personally.

However, there is a technical term called anhedonia. It means you stop doing the things which feel good to you. If any of you folks see me developing a pattern of not doing the things that feel good to me (including eating reliably, exercise, studying, and socializing, which are my current big four), please bring it to my attention.