December 8th, 2005

Mark your calendar! Waifmas is on!

Just letting folks know that my (nearly) annual Christmas Eve/Christmas Day event *will* be happening.

Good company, good food, probably much somewhat random silliness. More detailed blurb later, but wanted to let people know: this *is* happening. (:

Half-baked musing on weight: the backstory

Originally, I was going to write my posts about weight (and culture) in the heat of outrage. Then I was going to write one single good, analytical post once I'd thought my way all through the issue, and my opinion was relatively settled.

I've decided that instead, it might be useful to do this as a series of LJ conversations, because, like so many things, there isn't necessarily a "right" answer.

This could be long and rambly. Consider yourself warned. Collapse )