December 9th, 2005

Graduate school applications

I work for an academic department, and the grad secretary set me to opening her mail today. So I got to open, collate, and date stamp the grad applications. Being me, I found myself looking at the letters of recommendation and the GRE score reports.

The letters of recommendation have been particularly useful. Recommenders seem to really value intellectual initiative of all forms - the type of tigers who will pursue education by as many avenues as they can find, or construct. And having an ability to teach in a supportive and inspirational fashion also seems to make for a good letter.

First of all, useful pointers for my educational process, since I hope to end up in grad school one day. And, to all those of you who are in grad school, or have been accepted: no matter how you occasionally feel, keep in mind that you were competing with a good-sized pool of other interesting and qualified people. When you're feeling really overwhelmed, don't be embarrassed to fall back to the victory that says: these professional educators and researchers thought I could do this, and chose me out of a pool of many other qualified people.

Trust me, if you're in grad school, you have a right to feel special.

Yay, gym.

Did 35 minutes of aerobic stuff today, instead of my usual 20. Finished up with yoga and stretching. I'm not happy, but I'm at least a) more tired, and b)somewhat more pleased with myself.