December 12th, 2005

Okay, that's something I need to fix. But perhaps after finals.

I have a final at 7:45 tomorrow, and while I'm intellectually confident it will go fine, I do need to review a lot of material to make sure that will be true.

I was just about to leave work and go home to study, and realized that I was foot-dragging out packing to go. And when I poked at the reasons in my head, they boiled down to this: if I go home, I won't study. Or at least, I won't study effectively.

Which is absolutely true. I'm in the process of building a work-friendly desk space in my room, but right now my desk is small island of slightly lesser chaos in a room filled with boxes. It's bad for my focus *and* bad for my morale.

However, between now and my last final on Friday is not the time to fix this. For this week, I'll just plan on studying outside the house, and try to inflict order on the space over winter break.