December 14th, 2005

Okay, eight of eleven, and my brain has begun to blur.

Of the eleven lectures I needed to view, I got eight of them knocked off this afternoon and evening. I think I should be able to finish the remaining three tomorrow afternoon between my lecture final and lab final (both for my anatomy class).

After the lab final, I can dive into the readings for the Friday morning final (human development). Thursday I can finish those readings, do the readings for the Friday afternoon final (physiology), and review my physiology notes from earlier in the semester (the final is comprehensive.

*nods* Okay, it is a not unreasonable plan. Hope it happens that way. However, now, to sleep!

I just remembered.

I used to say that I figured I'd be about hitting my full stride at age 40. I've always been pretty happy abou that. People on both sides of my family tend to live to be pretty old.

Apparently, I just realized that when I turn 40, I'll be a practicing professional in a field I will enjoy, and probably will be completing my first year of being in a fully independent, financially stable space.

Appears my self-assement was fairly sound, self-fulfilling though it may be. (:


Anatomy lecture exam: done. Fairly confident
Physiology lectures: 9 down, 2 to go

Next up: get dinner and do some more of my physiology readings.

It's dinner time, and my body has decided that it knows what it wants: a nice salad. ???

Apparently, I have been taken over by an alien. But she wants to be healthy, so that's something. (:

Four exams down. Two to go.

I've viewed all the lectures for physiology, but the final is comprehensive, so I need to review all the old material, and actually learn the new material.

The to do list for the next two days:

* read/skim 200 pages for human development
* review notes for human development
* two hour orientation for my semester break job
* review previous notes for physiology
* read approximately 60 pages for physiology

It's a fair bit, but I'm pretty sure I can manage it all. Hope the luck's with me on exam questions, though.