December 16th, 2005

Next-to-last final now done.

I think that one went relatively well. Won't know for sure until the test scores come in, but hopefully.

3.5 hours until the last final, and I need to go study. Must extract self...from...the interweb...

See you folks online some time after 3 p.m.

Ironing boards cost *how* much???!?

Ironing boards cost $70???!? And irons cost $30??? At Target, the Land of Low to Moderate Price?

I'm supposed to pay approximately $100 to buy the tools for an activity I *don't actually want to *do*...*???

I know a lot of people. I know maybe one or two who get a sort of twisted zen enjoyment out of ironing. Almost everyone else I know at least resents ironing, and many of them actively hate it. So how exactly did the market economics work out that the cheapest stand-up ironing board from Target's online site is $70?

No, really. This started out as a cry of outrage, but now it is true puzzlement. Those of you who take good care of your clothes, would you (or have you) paid that much for the tools of the wrinkle-free craft?

Edit: Okay, Bed, Bath and Beyond has significantly better prices. But still, speak to me of ironing. I need to understand how it is that other people make themselves care enough to do it, and whether tool choice influences the annoyance factor.