December 27th, 2005

See - sometimes I *do* take advice.

This holiday season, I was taken aside by a friend of mine who is not only fiercely intelligent and hard-working, but graduated with a degree in cellular and molecular biology. He told me that *he* would never have considered taking an organic chemistry class with lab the same semester as another hard science with lab. Many people have told me I was crazy, but this is the first one who had the background to make me take them seriously. Sadly, this is a recommendation that I can't disregard.

So, I originally scheduled the 20 credit insanity of this semester due to a mix of nursing prerequisite requirements, alternative scheduling due to full classes at MSU, and financial necessity. Financial necessity can't be changed. The full classes I can look into, but I can't be sure a slot will open up. So I took a look at my prerequisites.

Organic chemistry, it turns out, is only required by one of the three programs I was planning on applying to. So I could drop orgo this semester, and still be able to apply to both of those programs. Additionally, the third one takes on a new nursing student group twice a year. So if I decided that was the program I truly needed to be in, well, I could take orgo this summer, and I'd be able to apply in the fall for the semester beginning in January.

So it looks like I'm down to a 16 credit semester. It's still pretty science heavy, but there's only one lab, so it is probably much more feasible.

Hrm. To build a habit...

...sometimes you just need to make a *choice* to build a habit.

I just spent 15 minutes hanging out my clean laundry. I'm going to try to spend 15 minutes a day on something, anything, related to home maintenance. And I'm going to clock in and clock out, so I know both a) that I'm doing it, and b) that I'm not overdoing it.

*nods* We'll see how this goes.