Ree Visanian (treebones) wrote,
Ree Visanian

Final personal presurgical update.

I'm awake. I'm up. I'm moderately bad-tempered. I'm half-packed. I'm hungry. I'm packing a *very* nice outfit for tomorrow, because looking good on discharge will help me feel better. I had a bitch of a time finding two pairs of underwear which were a) clean, and b) in good condition. (I must go shopping after surgery.)

On the plus side, even assuming the surgery takes longer than they think, in eight hours, there will be little or no cancer left in my body. On the down side, I kind of want to punch through a wall that I have cancer in the first place.

C'est la vie. At least it isn't the Middle Ages. (For so many, many reasons.) Oh, and since I haven't gone out driving in it yet, I can still say this with a straight face: look at the snow! it's so pretty! (:

Again, over the last four weeks, and the next couple of months, thanks to you all for thoughts, prayers, cards, cash, fundraisers, flowers, and generalized goofiness. I love you all.

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