Steady progress.

Two more solid leads on possible hospice jobs. Yay!

However, churned through 244 job listings on Monday. If I don't get a reasonable job offer at some point in the near future, it isn't because I haven't been trying enough. (:

Actual Moving Event! Sunday, May 15!

Heyo, all!  Moving event is being pushed to this Sunday, May 15.  Very little left to move, so come grab a few boxes, unload them, and get a tour of the new house, tasty food, and social!  Need help ranging from schlepping to door holding.  More hands, less labor, more (and better) social!

Thanks to you all (even those there only in spirit), and hope to see many of you.  (Spinach fennel quiche.  Garlic chicken with coriander.  Fresh baked bread.  Other things per my whim.) 

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Yesterday's interview... my old hospital went pretty well.

In addition to having occasionally worked the floor in question, it looks like they might be opening a hospice unit in the foreseeable future. Don't know if I'll be their best candidate, but I'm certainly a very good one.

Saturday, May 14th: Tracy's Move-a-Rama!

I've managed to move a surprising amount of small furniture and boxes, but that doesn't mean I've gotten it all. Come help me and I will feed you. (:

WHO: You, and anyone else you feel like dragooning. The more people we have the less work each of us have to do. We will need a full physical range, including heavy lifters, car watchers, door holders, and car tetris people.

WHAT: Move packed things from my apartment (via elevator) to vehicles. Move packed things from Andy Vinton's basement to vehicles. Unload at the new place. Then, sit around eating tasty food at the new place while congratulating each other on work well done. Lounge around on our patio furniture! See the actual cows in our back yard!

When: Saturday, May 14th, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Food begins at 2 p.m. This is a hard stop time on the moving. I've got gaming later in the day, and am only able to go this late because I will feed my GM and gaming group when I feed the rest of y'all. (:

Start: 2500 Lake Shore Blvd, Apt A621, Ypsilanti;
Addl pickup: 5675 Big Pine Drive, Ypsilanti;
Finish: 10670 Ford Lake Road, Ypsilanti, MI

Why: Do good for me, hang out with nifty people, get exercise, *and* get food. (:

NOTE 1: My apartment is in a gated community. Go to the gatehouse, show ID, tell 'em you're visiting A621.

NOTE 2: Cat and dust allergens will be high. Know thyself, and take appropriate precautions.

NOTE 3: Call me at 734-239-4400 with questions.

This Saturday, May 7: Packing Extravaganza!

Hello, folks!'

I've gotten a good chunk of the packing, and even a modest chunk of the moving, done. However, it is time for me to use my social powers to motivate myself to finish the rest while creating a social event. Mwa ha ha. (:

Who: You! Folks you know who enjoy packing things!
What: Packing my remaining kitchenware, clothing, and limited remaining books.
When: Saturday, May 7, 6 p.m.
Where: Lakeshore Apartments, 2500 Lake Shore Blvd, Apt A621, Ypsilanti, MI
Why: I honestly don't expect this to take long. No schlepping will be required, though I'll likely load my Focus. Wander over the new place, get the tour, and I do something about feeding y'all, and hopefully some other form of fun.

NOTE 1: The dust and cat allergen factor are pretty high. If you're highly allergic, may want to take a pass on this one. If you're somewhat allergic, I'd premedicate. I will be.

NOTE 2: Lakeshore is a gated community - go in through the security gate, show them an ID, and tell them you're here to visit A621.


K. That happened rather quickly. (:

I happened across an 1850s farmhouse in Superior Township, between NE Ypsi and Canton, with a for rent sign on it. About ten days later, I had a signed lease and three roommates to split it with.

That's unusually fast, even by my occasionally breakneck change standards.

The cats and I are already resident, and I am in the process of moving my stuff to join me. Odds are good I'll be trolling for moving help in the next few weeks. No harm/no foul for those with commitments, injuries, or even "I'm too old for this shit"-itis. However, those who come and help (including door minions, which we'll need), will definitely get fed and thanked. A lot. (: